Barry Grathwohl, Sr. started BG Enterprises back in 1970, with two elementary schools in the Vero Beach, Florida area. Today, the business has grown to one that serves hundreds of schools within the continental U.S., printing more than 500,000 school educational and informational materials annually.

The business has blossomed largely due to the company’s focus on personal attention. We believe what differentiates BG Enterprises from the rest is our customer service. We are
personally committed throughout the process from the very first meeting until the product is delivered. Our focus is on in-person meetings with school representatives, and personally attending to your needs. We return calls the same day and get any issues ironed out immediately.

BG Enterprises believes that personal attention and availability are key to producing the best product possible tailored to the school’s needs. Coupled with the adherence to this philosophy is a graphic design house that is second to none and on the cutting edge of technology.

The numbers tell the story — 100% of all schools that sign up with BG Enterprises in any given year become repeat customers.