Pocket Folders

The BG Enterprises Pocket Folder is another of our bestsellers. More than a million teachers, students, and parents have found the folder to be the perfect vehicle for enhancing homeschool communication because:

  • Complete information is printed inside regarding school policies, which can be consulted throughout the school year. This information, supplied by the school, eliminates confusion about rules and regulations. Schools may include information such as school hours, curriculum, discipline plan, cafeteria rules, athletic team listings, and grading scale.

  • The folder may be used on a daily basis for assignments and information sent to and from school and home. Having a special place to hold important papers ensures that they will not become misplaced, torn, or wrinkled.

  • The sturdy folder, constructed of glossy card stock, measures 9½”W x 12”L and the larger 9½”W x 15”L size.

Special Insert Folders

Our “Special Insert Folders” were designed by BG Enterprises for our special schools that needed to add more information and are our next best seller. These offer more room for district calendars, etc.

They include:

  • Custom-designed Covers
  • 4, 8 or more pages stapled directly into the folders

Specialty Folders

  • Embossed Folders
  • Laminated Folders
  • Krome Coated Folders

Other Options:

Business Card Slits/Holders
CD Slits/Holders

Please note that in many cases, the school’s cost for the folders can be defrayed by business sponsors, making them very inexpensive or even free to the school.
Please contact us for more details!