Basic Handbook

The handbook from BG Enterprises is a smart choice when a school needs to communicate its rules and regulations. This is a great addition to the planner/agenda books for students too young to write and are available for the families who still need that same information.

The sturdy cover of the 8½”W x 11”L or 5½ W x 8½”L
handbook is created to the school’s color and design specifications, while the pages inside hold the school supplied policy information that every student, parent and faculty member needs to know. Lightweight, yet packed with information, the handbook is perfect for distribution at the start of a new school year.


Other handbook options that provide even more functionality are:

Special Insert Pocket Folders

This special designed insert folder offers more room for district calendars, etc. They include:

  • Custom-designed Covers
  • 4, 8 or more pages stapled directly into the folders
  • Business Card/CD Slits available


Multiple pages can be placed in the calendar to include a listing of school policies, monthly school events calendars, blank calendars, activity photos & more, also making the calendar a tool for communicating rules and regulations to students, parents, and faculty.

Please contact us for more information on how sponsorship by a few local businesses could translate into handbooks that could offer low costs or be provided free to your school.