Other Products


With today's families being busier than ever, we can help them keep up with their children's school holidays, early dismissal days, no after school care, and more.

Our standard magnet is approximately 4” wide x 6” high, gloss finish and are custom-designed to your specifications. We can produce just about any size to fit your needs as well.

Vehicle Hang Tags

Parent Pickup ID Hang Tags are an affordable and convenient method for schools to control the parent pickup and drop-off areas where students meet their parents every day.

Affordable, durable and reusable rear view mirror hangtags can be transferred from one vehicle to another.

  • Help keep school dismissal safe and organized and speed up the process of getting children loaded and unloaded.
  • Easily identify authorized vehicles that can pick up children at school and are highly visible at a distance and are easy to read in any weather.

These car rider tags measure 4” wide x 7.5” high and are larger than usual parking permit hangtags.  
They can also be used as parking passes for one-time events as well as an ongoing parking permit.

Book Covers

Book covers from BG Enterprises feature the school’s name and logo, surround be a border selected by the school.

These colorful, glossy books covers measure a generous 23” wide x 14 ½” high and include space for advertising by the school’s business partners.

In these times of tightening school budgets, it is important to note that sponsorship by only a few local companies can reduce of eliminate the school’s need to pay for book covers.  Additionally, the book covers can protect and extend the life of expensive textbooks.

Several book cover border styles are available, including Sports, Presidential and Diamond Plate.